Thursday, June 18, 2015

Caltrans Acting "Arbitrary and Capricious"

Here is an article on Flash Report, written by Katy Grimes.


Superior Court Judge Michael Kenny’s ruling, which found the Caltrans protest process “arbitrary and capricious,” confirmed Caltrans had doctored the $2.5 million disadvantaged business services procurement. The judge even awarded attorney’s fees to Bly-Chester and Wright. However Caltrans ignored the ruling. Bly-Chester and Wright were forced to protest again.  
At the latest hearing on June 5, 2015 the judge was not happy that Caltrans had defied his order and decided on its own that “canceling” the contract rather than “rescinding” the contract as ordered, meant the same thing.  The Judge reaffirmed the Wirt of Mandate and ordered Caltrans to rescind the contract to GCAP immediately. 
It remains to be seen if Caltrans will comply with their own rules for public contracts.

It appears that
 Caltrans is relying on a lack of public attention to allow their continued bad behavior. Please comment and share this story to encourage the government working for the people again.

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