Friday, April 1, 2011

Center Welcomes Cheryl Bly-Chester

Cheryl Bly-Chester & Norris McDonald
The Center for Environment, Commerce & Energy (Center) welcomes Cheryl Bly-Chester as our new California Representative and Director of the Advocacy for Jobs Affected by Regulation (AJAR) project. AJAR is the Center's public education project for government accountability and due process. The mission of AJAR is to educate the public and elected representatives on the direct and indirect effect of legislative and regulatory actions on job security; advocating for economic growth by promoting accountability, transparency, and due process in governmental proceedings and by participating in public policy design of the regulatory board system.

This is so exciting.  Anybody who knows Cheryl knows the energy she will bring to this mission.  I first met Cheryl several years ago and our mutual environmental interests bonded us right away.  And Cheryl has been involved with past Center projects and co-authored a newsletter on environmental policy issues for one of the Center's affiliated associations. She has recently completed her doctoral dissertation studying the California regulatory board system and is eager to apply what she has learned.

Dr. Bly-Chester is a Licensed Professional Engineer with an MBA in International Management specializing in global resources. She has been involved in permitting alternative energy plants in California, holds a Nuclear Reactor Safety Certificate from MIT earned during the Chernobyl 
Era, and is the owner of Rosewood Environmental Engineering located in the Sacramento Area of California.Cheryl and I invite all who are interested in government accountability, due process, and building the economy to secure and add jobs to contribute to AJAR through the Center for the Environment, Commerce, and Energy.

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  1. Congratulations, Cheryl. I saw you on the Mining Board and know you will work for due process for citizen groups. They've regressed since you left. You need to get on them!