Thursday, March 31, 2011

Director's Message

Advocacy for Jobs Affected by Regulation  (AJAR)

A public education project for government accountability and due process

Directors Message

I am excited to take on this important role for the Center for Environment, Commerce, and Energy, directing the California AJAR Project. The mission of AJAR is to educate the public and elected representatives on the direct and indirect affect of legislative and regulatory actions on job security; advocating for economic growth by promoting accountability, transparency, and due process in governmental proceedings and by participating in public policy design of the regulatory board system.

The immediate goals for AJAR include establishing an online news blog that provides information on the actions of those California state boards most affecting the business environment and therefore job security in the state. The AJAR blog will report both successes and opportunities for improvement in boardsmanship, transparency, and due process with specific attention to how board actions are expected to affect business expansion.

The non-partisan approach will also serve to educate lawmakers on how to reform the board system to correct process problems, inequities, lack of transparency and other actions that serve to undermine achieving the benefits of a board system. When the benefits go unrealized, the rule of law is undermined, faith in the regulatory system falters and investment in the future dries up. Without investment, the economy does not expand, businesses conserve their resources, and job security is threatened.

We invite all who are interested in government accountability, due process, and building the economy to secure and add jobs to contribute to AJAR through the Center for the Environment, Commerce, and Energy. The Center is a qualified nonprofit organization. Please, seek professional advice regarding tax deductibility of donations. Funds will help in running the center, operating the blog and website, obtaining public records, attending meetings, and researching for AJAR resources.

Thank you for your interest in good government and how improved government will improve the business climate to create and secure jobs for California. We look forward to hearing from you!


Cheryl Bly-Chester, Director
 Advocacy for Jobs Affected by Regulation  (AJAR)

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